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About Us

What is Geniosity?

Geniosity is a premier advertising & web design studio located just 30 minutes south of Boston in eastern Massachusetts. Geniosity was established in the year 2000 by two partners who bring over 23 years experience in marketing, advertising, graphic design and web design. We've served Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Over the years we've selected and developed professional relationships with the top talents in our industry to deliver communications products that exceed our clients' expectations and fit their budgets.

At Geniosity, we are dedicated to a constancy of creating high quality advertising & marketing products and providing our clients with exceptional customer service at competitive rates.

Our capabilities are built to serve all of your print advertising or web design and multimedia needs.

Why we are different?

We believe in forward thinking without forgetting the past. To us, modern design doesn't mean throwing out proven, essential techniques that still apply today. Our thinking is progressive and our strategy is always considering the ever-changing technologies and marketplace. We take the best of now and then and incorporate it seamlessly into our strategy and design to produce timeless materials and campaigns that will still stand strong tomorrow and into the future...

At Geniosity, we do not sell cookie-cutter designs at unreasonably high prices. Rather, we produce original, high-quality, effective design at reasonable rates. We solve your communications needs through the precise execution of design ideas based on a complete study of your company, product, and marketplace.